Fun With The Arts Classes

Art Adventures: Explore various mediums including drawing, painting, cooking, sculpting, puppetry, photography, and more in this fun and educational class. ($15 supply fee)

Art Around the World: Create projects based on art forms or crafts from different cultures. Some of the projects will be inspired by a particular country's geography, history, or culture. ($15 supply fee)

Creative Movement with Music and Games: Be inspired by engaging activities that use mind and movement together. This class will use music and action games to keep your child active in a fun way.

Drama: Explore the basics of comedy and drama as you “act out” in this class and learn the elements of drama. Learn to express yourself as you increase your self confidence and ability to speak in public.

Dream, Doodle, and Drama: Read, write, and draw then combine these elements to create your own illustrated play while exploring the basics of drama. ($15 supply fee)

Exploring and Building: Students will design and build a variety of creations using standard and recycled materials such as LEGOs, craft sticks, cardboard, wood plastics, and common household items. Students will freely explore the materials and then be challeneged to create original artistic structures.

Forks and Fiction: Combine the joy of reading and the fun of cooking as you explore a new book and new recipe each week. Learning cooking basics such as how to set a table, kitchen safety, measuring liquid and dry ingredients, different types of books, and creating your own cookbook. ($15 supply fee)

Guitar 1 and 2: Learn to play the guitar on your own level. Students will need their own guitar. Two levels of instruction (Grades 1-5)

Movement Express: Hop on the Movement Express as you combine creativity and movement through dance! On your journey you will learn about many styles of dance such as ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern, and more!

Music and Games: Experience the joy of music through a variety of simple and fun musical activities. In addition, you will learn creative thinking strategies by participating in a variety of games from around the world and throughout history. Create your own original game to share with others.

Piano 1 and 2: Learn the basics of piano or develop your skills.  Two levels of instruction. Piano Book $7.50 (Grades 1-5)

Pottery: Learn techniques and ways of using glazes and creative designs to turn clay into pottery. ($15 supply fee)

Spanish Art and Culture: Learn about Spanish cultural activities and artists. Students will also learn some basic forms of communicating in Spanish. ($15 supply fee)

STEAM: Immerse yourself in this hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics class. Solve problems by designing, creating, building,  testing, and collaborating in this fun (and eductational) class. 

Ukulele: Learn the basics of Ukulele. Student will learn notes and fretboard maps as well as chords for popular and commonly played songs.